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Being a multi-disciplinary engineering firm, LSET offers a wide range of Engineering, Project/Programme Management and Information Technology services.

Water Engineering

  1. Borehole services (Ground Water)
  2. Spring Protection
  3. Irrigation technology
  4. Water Supply Design and Rain Water Harvesting Design
  5. Water Systems Analysis and Modelling

Renewable Energy and Agro-processing


  1. Bio-waste to energy technology (Biogas, Biomass)
  2. Solar thermal systems (solar drying and heating).
  3. Photovoltaic Systems
  4. Energy Systems Analysis, Modelling and Optimization

GIS, IT and Data Analytics

  1. Thematic Mapping
  2. GIS/Mapping Systems support and setup
  3. IT Support and Computer Systems Setup and automation Data analytics and predictive modelling

Design/Software Platforms

Water Engineering :

Excel/Open Office, Google Earth Pro, Win Sev, EpaNET, GIS Analysis, CropWat, AutoCAD, Webcap, Compass.

Solar Thermal and Drying Systems: 

We use a computer model written in Octave (MATLAB Compatible) and other analysis in python.

GIS Analysis and Mapping:

ArcGIS, QGIS, Google Earth Pro, XLS Surveys

Data Analytics and Statistical/Mathematical Modelling:

We use R, and Pandas (python) for advanced analysis and model creation of data from spreadsheets (excel, open office, csvs) IT


Batch files, bash scripts, web APIs

General Engineering Structural Design:

AutoCAD, Octave, Google Sketch up

Field Data Management and Data Bases:

We use a Geo-database for field data and PostgreSQL for our internal scientific data.

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